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COVID-19 Safety

Feet in the Ocean
  • How do I use my gift card/voucher?
    You received a gift card! Amazing 🎉 Book as you usually would, and during payment, select the Redeem a gift card option and enter your unique gift card code you received in your email. Enjoy your float!
  • What is provided? What should I bring?
    We provide: Drinking Water A Shower Body Wash Shampoo Conditioner Makeup Wipes Towels Hair Dryer Disposable Earplugs Earbud Petrolium Jelly Float Tank Relaxing Music Hand Sanitiser Thermometer for Temperature Check What to Pack: Bathing Suit Bag or packet for wet bathing suit Feel free to bring your own personal care items
  • What preparation should I do?
    If you eat before, try nothing more than a light snack, no sooner than 30min before your float. Ideally, avoid stimulants like caffeine 90 minutes prior. No alcohol or drugs prior. It's also best not to shave or wax right beforehand because the Epsom salt might sting a bit.
  • Is it safe to float during Covid-19?
    Over and above the tank filtration technology, there’s the power of Epsom salt. With over half a ton of magnesium salts in each tank, the salt-rich environment is inhospitable to living organisms. Each client is also asked to shower before getting in, so we all do our part in letting these other systems take care of the rest and ensure a sanitary experience for everyone. As you enter reception, there is hand sanitiser and a temperature check. Masks are worn around all communal areas of Float Wellness SA. Float rooms and tanks are manually sanitised after each appointment and the tanks filtration system takes care of the water.
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