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Epsom Salt Products


Small Batch


Oil Free

The infusions contain plain epsom salt and are blended with fresh ingredients. No essential oil, colouring or perfumes are added. 


  Gift Bags  

The bags of plain or infused epsom salt make beautiful gifts filled with care and loving intention for the receiver, gifting them relaxation, pain relief and muscle recovery. Read below for the natural ingredients. 


  Glass Jars  

Our new slim glass jars easily blend into the aesthetic of any room. Choose from our variety of blends or plain epsom salt to enhance your bath or a foot soak experience. Also works wonderfully as a gift or treat. 


  Fill Your Own Container  

Do you have a jar that looks great next to your bathtub? Or would you like to reduce, reuse and recycle? Bring in your own container and choose how many grams or KGs you would like to take home.


  Infusions & Blends  

  • Rose 

  • Dried Citrus

  • Activated Charcoal 

  • Cinnamon & Rooibos

  • Organic Cannabis 

Available at Float Wellness.

Contact us if you have any question, special orders, or would like to quote shipping.


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