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Is it Safe to Float During the Covid-19 Pandemic?

"The virus…is not spread in water, such as float water." - Dr. Roy Vore, Microbiologist

"There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of pools and hot tubs." - Centres for Disease Control and Prevention

This pandemic has caused tremendous stress and anxiety. Float therapy has amazing benefits for mental health and relaxation. Read more benefits here. But is it safe?

Over and above our filtration technology, there’s the power of Epsom salt.

With over half a ton of magnesium salts in each tank, the salt-rich environment is inhospitable to living organisms.

Each client is asked to shower before floating, so we all do our part in letting these other systems take care of the rest and ensure a sanitary experience for everyone.

As you enter our reception, there is hand sanitiser and a temperature check. We ask that you keep your mask on until you’re alone in the float room. Masks are worn by everyone around the communal areas of Float Wellness SA.

Float rooms and tanks are manually sanitised after each appointment and the filtration system takes care of the water.

A tanks clean and safe environment:

  • The oxidizer (H2O2)

  • High turnover 1 Micron filtration

  • UV steriliser

  • Supersaturated salt concentration

Anyone presenting with symptoms should contact us and we will be happy to reschedule.

Are you ready to try? Book a micro-vacation. Float Wellness offers 1hour, 90 minutes or 2-hour floats.

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