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7 Valuable Benefits of Float Therapy

In this article, we shall delve into more details about this therapy; gaining an understanding of what float therapy entails and then exploring some of the core benefits of floating.

Float therapy is a subtle yet powerful alternative therapy that originated just over 65 years ago, since its invention by neuropsychiatrist Dr J.C Lilly it has evolved in leaps and has gained awareness and popularity in recent years alongside our evolutions in technology, expanding collective consciousness. As we all well know the world we live in is a constant stream of information. The average modern lifestyle combined with unfiltered access to limitless content, artificial light and sound. Most times we take in way more than we can consciously process and this can lead to exhaustion and imbalance. Most physical, mental and spiritual human problems are the result of an imbalance in some way and it is up to us as individuals to find the ways that bring us back into harmony with ourselves in order to fully show up in the world at our best.

Flotation is a therapy that helps you go deeper within, fully present to the relationship to yourself so that you may learn to receive exactly what you need. In the float pod, there is nothing for you to do or be, it is a safe and weightless space for you to just be present and naturally receive healing. Beyond just the mental and spiritual considerations of a float experience your body also receives a complete physical break.

What is floatation therapy?

Float therapy is also known as sensory deprivation therapy. It entails weightless floating in a float pod which reduces all sensory stimuli such as light and sound. The floating is made possible by saturating the water in the pod with 500 kilograms of Epsom salts. The high salt saturation allows for effortless floatation as well as absorption of magnesium which is a mineral that has numerous vital benefits on the entire body system.

The core benefits of floatation therapy


Float therapy offers you an environment in which you can effortlessly access the deepest states of relaxation. The dedicated break from outside stimulus combined with the physiological benefits of floating reduces stress on your entire system. This allows the body and mind the opportunity to enter the state of relaxation.

Anxiety and stress relief

The relaxation that floatation induces allows for a reduction of stress and anxiety. The time in the float pod can be a perfect opportunity to get in touch with your mental state. In this peaceful environment, you can more easily release thoughts and stressors that are bothering you by fully enjoying the present moment of peace. You may also find this time allows you to see situations from a different perspective or just simply having a break can reduce stress and anxiety. The effects of floating on the mind have been studied and the results show that time in the float tank has an impact on brainwave activity. It showed that people with anxiety who floated were notably more peaceful, serene and revitalized post-float therapy.

Speeds up healing and recovery

Floating is the perfect therapy to experience after intense sports or workouts. It is also beneficial during the healing process of an injury or trauma. High levels of magnesium relax the muscles which allow for a quicker recovery time after sporting activities or during the healing process of an injury.

The deep relaxation that floating offers lets your body easily enter into a parasympathetic state, this is a state where deep healing occurs, the body can fully focus on healing and regeneration as the nervous system is in rest and recovery mode.

Boosts immunity

There is a direct link between stress and the immune system. Seeing as floatation is a therapy that helps to greatly reduce stress and induce relaxation this can lead to a healthier immune system. Giving your body enough time to deeply rest is a key element in staying healthy, floating allows for the state of deep rest to be experienced.

Pain relief

Floating can help with pain relief as it allows the muscles to relax deeply which eases compression on the nerves which eases pain. Float therapy also naturally decompresses the spine and joints spaces to open up. The deep relaxation allows for the balancing of your hormone system and this can facilitate the reduction of cortisol (stress hormone) which also helps to reduce the experience of pain. Floating is great for helping to manage chronic pain as well as PMS symptoms.

Deeper focus and meditation

Meditation can be defined as a practice of deliberate focus and awareness in the present moment. The state of meditation can be entered using various techniques including deep breathing and mindfulness. It offers incredible benefits that are physical, mental and energetic. It is a great practice to intentionally train your mind which can enhance your ability to focus well. The float pod is a perfect environment that allow for deep states of meditation to be experienced. The complete lack of distractions while floating makes it much easier to deeply meditate.

Magnesium absorption

As mentioned earlier in this article the water in the float pod is saturated with Epsom salts. This is what changes the water density allowing you to transcend gravity and weightlessly float. The happy side effect of the Epsom salt-saturated water is a wide range of amazing benefits. Magnesium from the salt is absorbed into your body. This has a nourishing effect on your hair and skin as well as your physical health. It can lower high blood pressure, reduce pain and swelling and even improve your mood. It can also have a mild detoxification effect.

These are just some of the benefits of floating, there are so many more benefits over and above and linked to the benefits mentioned above. If you are hoping to experience these positive effects for yourself or have any further questions and curiosities surrounding this therapy, contact Float Wellness or nearest floatation spa. We hope you will join us to experience these amazing benefits first hand!

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