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What Is Floatation Therapy?

Floatation therapy simulates floating in the Dead Sea, zero gravity space or being in the womb. People no longer need to travel to Jordan to enjoy the benefits of floating in salt water. The addition of being in a pod removes all stimulus, easing you into a calm and meditative state.

So why have float centers risen to popularity? And why have people like Joe Rogan, Tim Bradey, Peter Gabrial, Wayne Rooney and Robert Downey Jr. installed floatation tanks in their homes?

When the body is placed in an environment that caters for a certain level of relaxation, a myriad of positive physical and mental results ensue:

  1. All pressure is removed from the spine.

  2. Muscle tension starts to release.

  3. Stress hormones diminish.

  4. Endorphins are circulated.

  5. Creativity is stimulated

  6. Circulation is improved and blood pressure comes down.

  7. Inflammation is reduced.

  8. Pain starts to ease.

  9. Stress, anxiety & depression fades away.

  10. You’re able to stretch with the support of total buoyancy.

  11. Healing is accelerated.

  12. Immune system is strengthened.

Read more benefits here.

With the inputs of touch, sight, sound, smell and taste removed, you are now able to become fully present. Your brainwaves start to slow down and go into alpha and then theta state, allowing for less activity in your “thinking” or analytical mind. You move from a survival, stress state of fear, anger and sadness to a creative, expansive state of joy, freedom and love. When your body is able to relax in this way, overall healing is accelerated.

The shallow 30cm of water is set to skin temperature of 35℃ and contains half a ton of epsom salt. This level of salt makes it an inhospitable environment for bacteria, including microbes and other pathogens. It is also run through a tremendous filtration pump system.

The calm serenity you feel when you step out of the tank will last for days after your float.

Your skin will feel soft and you’ll notice an improvement in your hair and nails as well.

Are you ready to try? Book a micro-vacation. Float Wellness offers 1hour, 90 minutes or 2 hour floats.

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